Friday, July 18, 2008

July 17th Grace energy experience

Did you do the meditation? What did you feel?

My experience - Brenda

I didn't get to do it at the time that was suggested. I opened my crown and felt like I was downloading the white light. I felt it swirling on the outside of me all the way down to my hips and it continued to swirl from the hips to above my head for about 15 minutes. While that was happening, I was guided to bring it in and bring the light down and fill each chakra until it radiated out both sides of my chakra and it continued to do that down each chakra and even the one that was in the ground. So I had light radiating out of both side of each chakra and the light swirling around me. I then was instructed to do the reconnection energy as that was happening. Total of about 15 minutes.

I have to say that when I woke up this morning I could feel where my energy got stuck. My lower back, tailbone, spine, neck. I either am not use to energy there and it woke up some nerves. Or I could feel where I am holding it there and afraid I might lose it. Or... I can see my paranoia and insecurities that each chakra has and needs to be healed.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dream Intrepretation

6 25 08 I seen an elevator and people are getting on. When I notice it was going to the penthouse, I started to get dizzy. I want to go backdown. I believe I was the 7th one on that elevator. They get off and I want to push the button to go down. There were male and females there. I looked for the button and couldn’t find it. They are convincing me to get off. I do and then I am deciding to leave again and the lady that is in charge will not interview any of them if there isn’t a certain amount. She and them convince me to stay. I do and she interviews me first. I couldn’t answer the questions. I couldn’t do improv. I couldn’t read her. I confessed that I am who I am. I am metaphysical practitioner. Then the one that was suppose to be there shows up. She is young, pretty, long hair but late. The women in charge says it is to late. I like her presences. She is staying. She is going to be a great access. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.

I am going up to the HigherSelf. I am letting the illusion of fear effects me physically. I made ego excuses to go back down. My male and female are working together and are ready for me to become integrated with them (they are accepting me.) there was 6 (equilibrium; harmony, balance, and humanity.). I am 7 (the spiral is humanity's connection to its source, god, Christ consciousness) The authority is 8 (authority, Eight is Infinity - Paradise regained) I am needed before they can go on. The yin/yang can’t work together until I am on board. The buttons are the triggers that keep me in this my box of ego illusion. I am almost convinced that I am to be there. I still don’t think I belong. When the one in charge talks to me, I begin to freeze up (fear) then I decided that I am going to be honest of the convictions and passions of my purpose. To my surprise (ego boundary) she (HigherSelf) accepts me. (ego always wants me to believe that I will not be accepted by Divine Spirit) The yin/yang is balanced in the higher realm. I don’t know much about what the HigherSelf wants. I convinced myself that I don’t know enough. But when I started to tell my truth of all the experiences that I have accumulated through all my epiphanies from my HigherSelf. She accepts me. I didn’t realize that was my teacher. I couldn’t do improv which means that I couldn’t lie anymore to myself or tell her what she wants to hear in order to accept me. When I finally allowed myself to stop being ashamed of me and feel the passion and conviction of me, I was able to let her accept me. She already had. I just had to convince myself she did. I had to stop believing in the negative ego. The other part of me that had come up stairs and was late and perfect on the outside was turned away. That is not what my HigherSelf is looking for. When I heard and saw that my HigherSelf wanted me I was in shock.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Biox series

Biox series

I just wanted you to get to know me and what i carry here at the store.

I just added these wonderful alternative wrinkle fillers on my website. I sell them at the store along with all the other Premier Deas Sea beauty products. Alternative to botox.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Press Release

Brenda Bates, is the owner of Giving HOPE Wellness Center and store. You can find the Wellness Center and Store at 148 N Warren Rd just 600ft North of M-21, Ovid, MI. She has been in the health industry for about 20 years. Brenda is a metaphysical practitioner. She is currently working for her Doctorate in metaphysics, which is the study of nature of reality and being.

Brenda says that her main purpose is to teach people how to heal themselves. She is well known for helping her clientele get to the root cause of their emotional pain or problems and to release these causes. She asks, “Did you know that everyone has all the answers within themselves to answer why they are sick or a pattern of behavior is reoccurring again and again? The main reason people come to me is to be the bridge between them with their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind holds all the answers and is responsible for making our body function. Did you just tell yourself to breathe, or did you do it naturally?”

After Bates helps her clientele access information from their subconscious minds and one sees, hears, and feels why there is an issue, she goes further and uses tools and techniques that helps her clientele heal themselves. The next step in the healing process is to release and detach from the pain whether it be emotional, mental, physical or spiritual in a matter of minutes instead weeks, months, or years. She also provides products to help her clientele cleanse themselves of the built up toxins in their body and teaches them how to recondition their life. She says it is important to do all of the steps because they work and her clientele notices that the issues stop repeating. She literally has helped her clientele create better lives; find their identities and purposes for living. She asks her clientele, “Do you want to start living and stop existing?”

She is not only a healing practitioner; she is a teacher as well. She teaches people about empowerment and enlightenment. As mentioned before she owns and operates the wellness center and store. The store has herbs, homeopathics, and spa products, to help you, your children and pets, too. Come in and find a great gift of angels, dragons, books, candles, incense, and stones. The center has many biofeedback stations to see your aura, meridians, acupuncture points, and more. There are several practitioners ranging from energy workers, to a massage therapist, to energy readers in order to help you heal your issues. She states, “If you haven’t noticed, I love to help people heal from physical aliments, emotional distress, mental distraction, and/or spiritual loss.” If you are dealing with any of those issues come in or call 989-640-1728 or 989-834-5163 to make an appointment “so you can heal that.” Remember suffering in an option so please “Anchor your life in Giving HOPE.”